I keep getting requests for this oldie (but goodie), så here you go:



CatanAid is a board geneator for The Settlers of Catan, written in Perl. For running CatanAid, you need to install Perl (if running Windows – Strawberry Perl would be a fine choice). When the Perl interpreter has been installed, you are ready for running CatanAid.

When Perl has been installed, you may need to install the Perl TK module. For installing Perl Tk, run the following command: cpan install Tk


Ever wanted to create something as simple as a login form using vbscript, or just som other form with more that one textbox .. or perhaps create forms with listboxes, comboxes and stuff like that? Sure you has, and then you realized that is just isn’t possible. Fear no more .. DialogLib is here:



24/11-2018: DialogLib is no longer maintained by me – so I hereby release the source into the public domain. Feel free to alter and use the code as you see fit:

Sean’s birthday

Today we are celebrating my wonderfull son’s birthday. Today Sean is 4 years old. I wish him a happy birthday, and many happy birthdays to come.

My Blackbird

So now .. it snowing like never before, and it’s great. This means powersliding each corner when driving my cars – it’s a lot of fun. But nothing lasts forever, and soon spring is comming – and four wheels will be replaced with two wheels again. I just can’ t wait for it.

I just can’ t wait firing up the bike, but before doing that – maintenance is required. 164 brake horse powers, and a top speed just above 300 km/h – makes you wanna keep the bike in a very healthy condition.

Getting the bike ready for this season will require at new rear tire, a set of spark plugs, a change of oil and filters – and of course the regular routine checkups. Rimstripes will be applied, for giving the bike a personal touch.

This summer I’ll be driving the bike to southern Italy – and take the ferry to Greece. It’s gonna be great trip – and I’m really looking forward to it. Be seeing you out there.

Nova’s birthday

Today is´s my beautiful daughter’s birthday – today Nova is 2 years old. I wish her a happy birthday, and many happy birthdays to come.